IX Asia Tokenization Advisory Committee

The establishment of the IX Asia Tokenisation Advisory Committee is to help us to pursue the goal and vision to formulate a standardization for global tokenization framework in a complaint and transparent way. The key roles of the advisory committee is to formulate the guideline and reference for tokenization in terms of infrastructure, business financial stability, sustainability, internal control and classification. The Advisory Committee is comprised of industry recognised leaders from blockchain consultancy, sustainable projects and field in Art industry.


Dr. Henrietta Tsui-Leung is founder and CEO of Ora-Ora, a Hong Kong-based contemporary art gallery with global reach. Ora-Ora made history as the first gallery to present NFTs at Art Basel in Hong Kong in 2021. Henrietta believes in finding common ground and mutual benefit, and is at the nexus and forefront of art, finance and technology. She co-founded the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association in 2012, is co-founder of MetaKapital, enabling institutions to launch their presence in the Metaverse, and reaches millions of viewers and clients online through her Ora-Ora Live platform and new Colab retail venture. Henrietta has been studying Blockchains and their application in art since 2014, completing her PhD degree in Art Theory at Shanghai University in 2018. Her doctorate thesis was a Comparative Study on Art Finance Development between the East and the West. She is a Co-opted Member of the Sub-committee on Visual Arts under Advisory Committee on Arts Development in Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong, a Founding Patron of M+ Museum of Visual Culture, and an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Hong Kong. Henrietta has been awarded with Top 100 Chinese Women Entrepreneurs and Collector of the Year by Xinhuanet in China.

梁徐錦熹博士是Ora-Ora的創始人和首席執行官,Ora-Ora是一家以香港為核心並具有全球影響力的當代藝術畫廊。Ora-Ora成為2021年巴塞爾藝術展香港展會上第一家推出NFT藝術作品的畫廊,此舉創造了曆史。 梁徐錦熹博士秉承求同存異和互利互惠的理念,不斷跨界探索藝術、金融和技術的前沿。她在2012年發起並創立了香港畫廊協會,也是MetaKapital的聯合創始人,使各機構能夠在元宇宙啟動他們的營銷,並通過Ora-Ora Live平台和新的Colab零售企業在線接觸到數百萬的觀眾和客戶。 梁徐錦熹博士自2014年以來一直在研究區塊鏈及其在藝術中的應用,並於2018年在上海大學獲得藝術理論博士學位。她的博士論文聚焦東西方藝術金融模式的比較研究。與此同時,她還積極為公共事業貢獻力量,她是香港民政事務局藝術發展谘詢委員會視覺藝術小組委員會的增選成員,M+視覺文化博物館的創始讚助人,以及香港企業家組織的活躍成員。

Angelina Kwan is the Senior Advisor to the Board of the HashKey Group, a regulated digital assets company. She has previously held Chief Operating Officer and Directorate positions with international digital asset exchanges, HKEX, Cantor Fitzgerald, the SFC, and other global financial services companies. She is also the Managing Director of Stratford Finance Limited, a consulting company focused on dealing with regulatory and operational issues in the financial services and digital assets sectors and advises brokerages, fund managers, and technology providers.
Angelina serves on a number of Hong Kong Government-appointed Boards, and charities including The Women’s Foundation; Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute. She is a Certified Public Accountant in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and a graduate of the University of Southern California. Her MBA is from Pepperdine University, LLB from HKU/Manchester Metropolitan University, and LLM from Harvard Law School.

關蕙於受監管數字資產公司 HashKey Group任職董事會資深顧問。她曾在國際數字資產交易所、香港交易所、Cantor Fitzgerald、香港證監會和其他國際金融服務公司擔任營運總監和董事職務。她亦是匡豐有限公司的董事總經理,該公司專注於處理金融服務和數字資產領域的監管和運營問題,並為經紀公司、基金經理和科技供應商提供建議。

Miranda Kwan is currently the Director of Knowledge Solutions, SGS Hong Kong Limited with more than 20 years of management experience in the International Certification, Training and Sustainability Services. She is responsible for the overall strategy and business development of the division. Ms. Kwan holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

關靜儀女士現職於SGS香港通用檢測認證有限公司並擔任知識與管理部總監一職,於品質管理及可持續發展界別擁有逾20年之豐富經驗, 主要負責有關國際認證, 培訓及新項目整體策略規劃及發展。關女士於香港理工大學分別取得化學科技(榮譽)學士學位及工商管理碩士學位。

Lance is a President / Director / Co-Founder at the Blockchain Intelligence Group (“BIG”). With over 20 years of industry experience in technology-based startups, Lance brings a vast and proven track record for growing and developing multi-million-dollar businesses from the ground-up. His background includes roles as Founder/CEO/Director in several publicly and privately traded companies.
In 1996, Lance founded Planet City Graphics, which won worldwide recognition and became a multi-million-dollar corporation within 18 months. He also founded Western Shores Interactive, which became a publicly listed company and reached a market cap of $400 million.
In addition to his business and technical acumen, Lance has a proven track record working with Asian companies and government entities. In 2000, he was recruited to work closely with China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC). He assisted in the development of a secure network that permits the dissemination of information to State-owned business as well as businesses around the world. In 2015, Lance leveraged his breadth of experience in business building and technology to co-found Blockchain Intelligence Group while setting the company’s strategy and vision.

Lance 擁有超過 20 年初創公司的行業經驗,曾在多家上市和私營公司擔任創始人/首席執行官/董事。於1996 年,Lance 創立Planet City Graphics,該公司贏得了全球的認可,並在 18 個月內成為一家價值數百萬美元的公司。他亦創立了上市公司 Western Shores Interactive,該公司市值達到 4 億美元。除了他的商業和技術敏銳性外,Lance 有與亞洲公司和政府合作機構方面的經驗。 於2000 年,他被聘為與中華人民共和國對外貿易經濟合作部(MOFTEC)密切合作。他協助開發一個安全網絡,允許向國有企業以及世界各地的企業傳播信息。於2015 年,Lance 利用他在業務建設和技術方面的廣泛經驗,共同創立 Blockchain Intelligence Group,同時制定了公司的戰略和願景。

Irene OL Wong, CPA, CGMA, is the Founder of IX Asia Indexes Company Limited and IX Fintech Group Limited, two companies specialized in financial products and trading (including digital assets), with award-winning Fintech platforms and solutions, such as the ixOption Platform and the ixCrypto Index. She has over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry doing hedge fund trading, indexing, and creating financial products. Prior to founding IX Fintech Group and IX Asia Indexes Company, Irene served as Head of Trading at various global hedge funds, Head of the Hang Seng Index Company, and Senior Vice president of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Some of her achievements include the HKEX Stock Options Revamp Project, obtaining no-action relief on stock options products from the US and Taiwan SEC, FTSE/ Hang Seng Index Series project and executing a record number of contracts on the Hang Seng Index Options when she served as an open out-cry floor trader at Morgan Stanley during the 1997 Asian financial crisis . Between 2001 and 2003, Irene managed the operations and business development of the Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited. She is currently a member of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Fintech and Regtech task forces.

黃愛玲女士,CPA, CGMA,是信昇亞洲指數和互通金融科技集團的創辦人。這兩家公司專注於金融產品和交易(包括數字資產),其金融科技產品及解決方案包括ix期權王及ix加密貨幣指數等屢獲殊榮。她在金融行業擁有超過25年的對沖基金交易,指數編制和金融產品設計經驗。在創立信昇亞洲指數和互通金融科技集團之前,她曾擔任三間環球對沖基金的亞洲首席交易員,恆生指數有限公司主管和香港交易所高級副總裁。她領導的項目包括2012-2015年港交所進行的期權大改革,取得美國和台灣證券交易委員會對香港股票期權產品的銷售不干預批文;英國富士指數/香港恒生指數 亞洲指數系列;1996年至1999年於摩根士丹利負責公開喊價現場交易,在亞洲金融風暴期間執行了多個全球對沖基金指數期貨和期權訂單。2001年至2003年,負責恆生指數有限公司的運營和業務發展。她現爲聯合國UNDP金融科技及合規特別工作組成員。