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The indexes on www.ix-index.com is undergoing maintenance and revamp during the period of our partnership with Bloomberg. This launch will significantly enhance the accessibility of IX Asia Indexes' offerings, providing global investors with real-time data and deep market insights. This strategic move aims to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the investment community, supporting informed decision-making through accurate and timely data. The indexes on Bloomberg page will include 10 out of 29 different indexes in the first phase, comprised from our Benchmark Index Series, Spot Price Index Series, and Portfolio Index Series. [See below for full list]

Please visit the Bloomberg, Nasdaq to review our latest index information. Users who would like to continue assessing indexes are advised to click here or contact licensing@ix-index.com.
在我們與彭博社合作期間,www.ix-index.com 上的指數正在進行維護和修改。此次發布將顯著提高 IX 亞洲指數產品的可及性,為全球投資者提供即時數據和深入的市場洞察。這項策略性舉措旨在為投資界帶來更大的透明度和效率,透過準確及時的數據來支持明智的決策。在與彭博社合作的第一階段中,彭博頁面將上線 29 個指數中的10 個指數,包括我們的基準指數系列和現貨價格指數系列以及投資組合指數系列。[完整列表見下文]

ixCrypto Benchmark Index
The Benchmark Index series serves as performance standards for the overall market or specific segment.
Bloomberg Code Index Name Dissemination Interval
IXCI ixCrypto Index Every 5 seconds
IXCBI ixBitcoin Index Every 5 seconds
IXCEI ixEthereum Index Every 5 seconds
IXSCI ixStablecoin Index Every 5 seconds
IX5050 ixCrypto BTC/ETH 50/50 Index Every 5 seconds
IXPI ixCrypto BTC/ETH Proportional Index Every 5 seconds
ixCrypto Portfolio Index
The Portfolio Index series are designed to support diversified investment strategies by tracking a curated selection of assets
Bloomberg Code Name of the Index Dissemination Interval
IX5EW ixCrypto 5 EW Index Hourly
IX5SR ixCrypto 5 SR Index Hourly
ixCrypto Spot Price Index
The Spot Price Index series, which is obtained as average across 10 world crypto indexes, provides fair prices of different cryptocurrencies for mark to market purpose
現貨價格指數系列是根據 10 個世界加密貨幣指數的平均值獲得的,提供不同加密貨幣的公平價格,用於按市價計價
Bloomberg Code Name of the Index Dissemination Interval
IXBTC ixBitcoin SP index Every 5 seconds
IXETH ixEthereum SP index Every 5 seconds


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ixCrypto Index Series Daily Index Bulletin English / 中文
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ixBitcoin Index Daily Index Level English / 中文
ixEthereum Index Daily Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto 5 EW Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto 5 SR Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto 10 EW Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto 10 SR Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto Altcoin 10 EW Index Level English / 中文
ixCrypto Altcoin 10 SR Index Level English / 中文

Index Review Report

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12th Apr, 2024 2024 Q1 Index Review Report Subscribe To Download

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