Our Services


We offer professional services in both real and digital assets including index consultancy, index design, index calculation and dissemination, and index education.

If you are interested to create your own custom index, but wonder whether your idea is feasible or not, please come to us and we could help you get started after understanding your ideas and visions. Our professional team will offer advice to resolve your challenges and provide the most feasible solution to create your own index.

After finalizing the custom index positioning and approach, our operation and tech team will help you with the design of the index methodology as well as the data system for index calculation and dissemination.

We also provide education services. If you would like your employees to acquire more knowledge about indexes, we can offer you customized courses taught by industry experts for your company.

Moreover, if you would like to create products that is linked to any of our indexes, index licensing is required. For data licensing and product, please contact us at licensing@ix-index.com.

For API subscription or any enquiries, please contact info@ix-index.com.

Real time indexes are disseminated every 5-second interval for 24X7. The real-time indexes are available for viewing on the IX Capital International official webpage. For IXCI, IXBI and IXEI, the indexes are also available through Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (“GIDS”) with dissemination interval at 15-second.






如查詢產品和/或數據,請聯繫 licensing@ix-index.com

用於應用程式介面或其他疑問,請聯繫 info@ix-index.com

各 IX 加密貨幣指數實時指數以24X7每5秒發佈一次,並可在信昇資本國際官網查看。而 ix加密貨幣指數、ix比特幣指數、ix以太幣指數亦可通過納斯達克全球指數數據服務(”GIDS”)獲取,發佈間隔為 15 秒。