About the Company    


IX Asia Indexes Company is an award-winning index company, providing real-time digital asset and innovative indexes, disseminated 7x24 globally and built on robust infrastructure. As a key participant of Cyberport Hong Kong, and supporter of the University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) Internship and Career mentorship program, IX Asia Indexes launched the first Hong Kong cryptocurrency index - ixCrypto Index together with its mentees from HKU in 2018 with growing subscription. The ixCrypto index series has expanded into 22 indexes with one market index, 2 single coin indexes, 6 portfolio indexes and 13 spot price (fixing) indexes over the years. To ensure the professionality and impartiality of the index methodologies and operations, IX Asia Indexes has established its index advisory committee with representation from different industries, including fund management, exchanges, brokerage, financial blockchain experts, crypto service providers, etc. The committee will meet quarterly a year to discuss matters relating to the IX Asia Indexes, including to review and to comment the data sources, methodologies, and operations of IX Asia Indexes, to provide guidance to the future development of new IX Asia Indexes and to handle other issues and decisions on an as-needed basis.

IX Asia Indexes Company established IX Asia Tokenization Advisory Committee in March 2022 to pursue the goal and vision to formulate a standard for global tokenization framework in a compliant and transparent way. IX Digital Asset Industry Classification System (“DAICS™”) launched in September 2022, covers both cryptocurrencies and asset-backed tokens (“ABT”), to be reviewed semi-annually at the end of June and December.

IX Asia Indexes was awarded the Fintech Award (wealth investment and management) 2019 and 2021 organised by ETNet. It as well won an award for Startup of the Year and Basic Technology (Big Data) from Hong Kong Fintech Impetus Awards 2022 by Metro Broadcast and KPMG.

信昇亞洲指數有限公司是一間屢獲殊榮的指數公司,提供實時數字資產和創新指數,每天24 小時(7x24)指數環球發怖。作為香港數碼港的重要成員之一,以及香港大學(HKU)實習及職業指導計劃的支持者,信昇亞洲與其來自香港大學的實習生於2018年推出了首個香港加密貨幣指數IX加密貨幣指數(“IXCI”),並且訂閱量不斷增加。ix 加密貨幣指數系列已擴展至22 隻指數,包括 1 隻市場指數、2 隻單幣指數、6 個投資組合指數和 13隻現貨價格指數。為確保指數的編算方法和運營的專業性和公正性,信昇亞洲成立了其指數顧問委員會。指數委員會邀請了來自不同行業的代表參與,包括基金管理,交易所,經紀,金融區塊鏈以及加密服務等領域。指數顧問委員會將每年召開四次會議,討論與 IX 亞洲指數有關的事項,包括監察並指導信昇亞洲指數的數據來源,編算方法和日常運營,為信昇亞洲指數的未來發展提供專業指導,並根據實際需要處理其他事務及決定。

信昇亞洲代幣化顧問委員會(“ 顧問委員會”)於2022年3月成立,是為了幫助信昇亞洲指數達到所追求的目標和願景,以合規和透明的方式製定全球通證化框架的標準化。2022年9月所推出IX 數字資產行業分類標準(“IX Digital Asset Industry Classification System DAICS™”) 涵蓋加密貨幣和具資產支持的代幣,每年於 6 月和 12 月底每半年進行一次檢 討。

信昇指數榮獲由經濟通舉辦的2019年和2021年金融科技獎(財富投資與管理)。亦獲得2022年度新城財經台主辦及KPMG 協辦「香港金融科技發展大獎」兩項獎項,分別是年度初創企業及「基礎科技-大數據」之獎項。

Our Story & Mission    


Back in 2017 and 2018, the cryptocurrency market suffered a huge fluctuation. During 2017, the market was quite bullish: the Bitcoin price surged to $20,000, then it suddenly plunged to about $6000 in January 2018. Huge losses were caused by this, which made our founder, Irene Wong, start thinking about the solution to properly build the market, providing a suitable regulatory environment to the crypto and digital assets.

The ultimate solution was to build an ecosystem for the whole digital asset area, focusing on an index of the crypto market first. This index is able to diversify the risk of price changes in single coins, protecting the investors from huge and unpredictable losses. In our next step, we will follow this trend by trying to bring more transparency to the market, and by learning the evolution of the blockchain and digital assets. Our commitment is to ensure that the digital assets markets function in an open and orderly manner in the same way as the traditional capital markets, enabling all participants to price and transfer risks across all traded asset classes.