IX Digital Asset Industry Classification System (“DAICS®”)

The launch of the IX Digital Asset Industry Classification System (“DAICS®”), aiming to provide the professional worldwide with a transparent and standardized classification scheme to determine sector and exposure of particular digital assets. It also serves as a tool for asset allocation and portfolio analysis for digital assets market as well as product development. DAICS® complements IX Capital International to develop their own competitive digital asset indexes and index products from a robust global standard.

DAICS® covers both cryptocurrencies and asset-backed tokens (“ABT”), to be reviewed semi-annually at the end of June and December. On cryptocurrencies side, it is a three-tier system that groups cryptocurrencies into 5 main industries: 1) Payment, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Financial services, 4) Technology & Data and 5) Media & Entertainment. These industries are further divided into 16 industry sectors, and sub-sectors to be introduced in the future. Under asset-backed tokens, there are 6 asset types and 31 branches. They are: 1) Culture, 2) Real Estate, 3) Financials, 4) Entertainment, 5) Natural Resources and 6) Green Economy.

Initially, DAICS® will only include the top-50(+n1) cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization which already represent over 80% of the market share in terns of market size and volume. ABT classification work will be added in next stage when a fair population of popular asset-backed tokens are available in the market. The current asset types and branches of the ABT category is to provide a first stage according to more foreseeable industry demand. As the market further matures with more cryptocurrencies with strong use cases emerge, the Classification System may expand to include more cryptocurrencies, ABT, industries, sectors and subsectors.

In response to the common global effort to achieve net zero emission by 2030 and 2050 agenda for the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) by United Nations, IX Capital International anticipates that more tokenisation will adopt the SDGs. Our vision is that ESG and sustainability is more than environmental impact, which also includes sustainable growth and development, good governance, better social impact and community engagement. To promote this, the DAICS® introduces “green” labelling for cryptocurrencies that adhere to the principle of sustainability by employing energy efficient protocol or making an active effort in minimising environmental damages. Under the ABT cataegory, a “Green Economy” asset type is introduced for token that represent ownership of the projects that ahere to the United Nations 17 sustanable development goals. An index which can represent the Asia Pacific Green Economy is also under study.

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1 : See Methodology Paper 4.2 for details

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